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A Writer's Cautionary Tale...

The year was 2018, when I took the plunge and got Scrivener! I’d heard so many good things it felt like a good investment. Did I do the tutorials? Not really? I don’t think they had any tutorials on their website, but I might be wrong. I don’t remember if they did. Anyway, every day when I got home from work, I was excited to get to my desk and work on my book with this software. (This would later become the book I’m querying now). I wrote my first draft in early 2017 while working three jobs and one big move (we moved across town, but still).

Now the only time I had to write was after work in the evening and very early in the morning. Hello, #5amwriters!

Scrivener made it easier to get organized and not worry about the order I was writing. I used to be an incredibly chaotic writer. The entire plot and story for (STORY TITLE) came to me out of order. I don’t doubt that was a reason why it took me some time to iron out the entirety of it. But also 3 jobs, remember. So I worked with what I had and what I had was Scrivener. It saved the day, time, and time again as I moved scenes around, and that’s about it because I didn’t want to spend too much of my already limited time figuring out all the features. It saved the day until it didn’t, and I stopped using it. 💀

What happened?

Every writer’s worst nightmare, that’s what!

There was a slight delay in the synchronization of devices. Desktop and laptop both had a different version of the draft. Every time I worked on the laptop, it wouldn’t immediately update the desktop version and vice versa. *Screams*

Yes, it was as worse as you can imagine after that.

Breathe with me because even now, these many years later, it’s still upsetting, although I can laugh nervously about it so progress? 😏

So I had a paper copy at this point, which was good because it had notes and scribbles on the changes I would make. It totally helped when most of the newer changes were gone.

Anyway, I tell you this story as a cautionary tale. Yes, a writer’s cautionary tale. Don’t forget to turn on that ‘save to device’ function, make sure your devices are syncing, and or it’s saving someplace. Track your work. Save your work.

What can you do when this happens?

Tell yourself the story again! Review what you do have and make it better. A lesson that comes with writing at any stage.

ps. I went back to using Scrivener recently (one device ONLY lol) and truly like how easy it is to go through every scene. But can we please work on the format transfer to Word? Or Word to Scrivener?

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